Strategic Planning

“The Winkler Group went above and beyond our expectations to provide strategic direction with practical insight. With their expertise, we built a sustainable model that has revolutionized our major gift fundraising program."

Scott R. Salemme
Chief Executive Officer
American Red Cross




In a crowded and competitive philanthropic marketplace, how does your organization or institution stand out?

The answer begins with planning.  

The Winkler Group’s team is made up of the fundraising industry’s leading thinkers—consultants with law degrees and M.B.A.s from Duke, Emory, Harvard, Penn, Wheaton, and William & Mary.   

Our strategic planning experts start by evaluating the pieces of your development puzzle.  We take the time to assess your niche, your community, your goals and your values to best position your organization for short-term growth and long-term sustainability.  

We combine our 250 years of development experience with our command of the latest fundraising trends.  We analyze each component of your development operation and determine how to make it better, more intentional, and more effective. Finally, we create a plan that boosts revenue by making sure all the pieces of your development operation are working together for maximum effect.

We’ve helped organizations just like yours double, and even triple, revenue as a result of our strategic direction and practical insight.  What can we do for you? 

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