Feasibility Studies

A well-executed planning study is the cornerstone of any successful capital campaign. 

We will design a planning study that gauges potential support for your priorities, identifies campaign leadership, and creates your campaign's framework.  Our studies are the most robust and comprehensive in the profession.  Each of our planning studies is customized to address the distinct needs of each of our clients.  Our personalized approach is unique in the industry and is one of the primary reasons for our success. 

Our feasibility studies are robust because we never place an artificial cap on the number of interviews we conduct.  We often conduct as many as 75 interviews of prospective campaign participants because they provide us with the opportunity to visit one-on-one with your audience.  We supplement the personal interviews with an online survey that gives your constituents the chance to provide feedback. 

Our specific recommendations are based on our comprehensive analysis. We work with you to begin the implementation process of the strategic findings and then position you for a successful campaign.